Monday, September 1, 2014

Halo: ODST — Prepare to Drop

Hi, all.

I decided to replay through the ODST campaign, so I could reacquaint myself with the controller scheme (... no sprint? and, oh: that's not zoom, that's throw grenade. Oh, well, so much for my stealthy surprise attack).

And I was well-rewarded in that I found out what a sweet game ODST was and is, even if it was just an 'add-on' to Halo 3. It wasn't but ...


Play the game. I'm playing it now and having a blast. Here's my blow-by-blow:

3h ago:

  • ... I ... think ... I lost my game-save on #ODST. Which means I have to start the campaign over. #OHYEAH 

2h ago:

  • I've forgotten how ... fun, and compelling and ... beautiful #ODST campaign is. *sigh* Prepare to Drop done.
  • Me: NONONO! Hunter: RAWR! (lunges) Me: *smoosh* Oh, well. I guess today was a good day to die. #ODST Tayari plaza done.

1h ago:

  • Okay, NOW I get why others don't like #ODST: it requires still, stealth and patience. None which our HaloNation fanbois have. Got it.
  • Me, OTOH, I'm having a BLAST in #ODST wandering the Mombasa streets, killin' covies, ninja-style, 'cause that's how I rollz, ya!
23m ago:
  • Uplift reserve #ODST: "LORD, I didn't train to be a pilot. Tell me I don't have any more flying today." *BOOM* goes a fighter near him. Dutch: "Is that a yes or a no, LORD?" *BOOM* goes his warthog. Dutch, ruefully: "Amen." Why can't other games' writing be as good as #ODST?
19m ago:
  • After each chapter of #ODST, I take a break and do something else. Like now, I'm washing and putting away the dishes. #daddygamer
  • #ODST And the pacing of the game is well-nigh perfect: 1 chapter on the Mombasa streets at night; 1 chapter, boots on the ground in combat.
Taking a bit longer break to write about the Scuf One controller and maybe about girl-gamers, but ... ooh! ODST Firefight? drools.

geophf, signing out.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

HLZ Divisions

Halo 4 Divisions: Infinity, Forerunner, Legendary, Olympian

Division 1: Infinity (Blue)

Gen: HLZ Zero, graemesennett
LT: Smiley Inspries, Ls Nitro
Sgt: christiandiaz13, spartienmatt, ArBiToR159
Cpl: Raing NightMare, DoG Elegy, Arsenickosis
Pvt: iTR0LL Daily, ShaneTheCoon

Division 2: Forerunner (Black)

LT: fitzman69, Operator 626
Sgt: Irishsoxmax425, no common sense, IconicRespect
Cpl: BatmanPwnsAll,

Division 3: Legendary (White)

LT: LGND X GREED, Soraichi
Sgt: DR3WEX, Gamerfreak1028, COVEN4NT KILLER
Cpl: ndmman96, KittenofDoom666, Dynamic Nacho, Green CycoMyco
Pvt: fdch, Bomb Boy 770,

Division 4: Olympian (Red)

Gen: wolfrain19
LT: Eman424444,
Sgt: wolfrain17
Pvt: xxxxderpfacexxx

If you're gamertag isn't posted up there in the divisions, message HLZ Zero.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekend events: Fri. Nov. 9th - Sun. Nov. 11th

Friday Nov. 9th: First HLZ meeting on Halo 4. 7PM EST.                                                                      

EVERYBODY MUST ATTEND!! (if you can't make the meeting, then message HLZ Zero)

7:30PM EST, Custom Game Night/ Matchmaking/ Spartan OPs/ 4 player co-op (Legendary)

Saturday Nov. 10th: Flood mode/Grifball Night 8PM EST

Sunday Nov. 11th: HLZ meeting (ONLY if you couldn't make it on Friday Nov. 9th) 4PM EST.

If anybody is intrested hosting there own game night or have any ideas to add to the schedule, message HLZ Zero or Geophf about it.


Founder (FDR) - Geophf
General (Gen) - HLZ Zero, HERB1C1DAL, LORDDEATHOFDOOM, wolfrain19
Lieutenant (LT) - graemesennett, mccluretim96, fitzman69, Gamerfreak1028, Eman424444
Sergeant (Sgt) - christiandiaz13, COVEN4NT KILLER, DR3WEX, spartienmatt, ArBiToR159
Corporal (Cpl) - LGND X GREED, ndmman96, Dynamic Nacho, BatmanPwnsAll, Smiley Inspries
Private (Pvt) - Everyone else in HLZ (read information below for details)
Recruit (Rct) - someone who has just joined HLZ.

If your name isn't up there (you missed the meeting on Nov. 2nd), or you haven't notified HLZ Zero or Geophf about where you would like to start out (ONLY WHEN HALO 4 IS RELEASED!) Also if you don't see your name, your either a private or again need to contact HLZ Zero or Geophf. Don't worry, everybody's rank will change over time, so no need to worry about staying at Corporal or Sergeant forever. If anybody has any questions about the ranking system, the meeting on Nov. 9th or anything, contact HLZ Zero for information.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Last Game Nights on Reach and Halo3!

Hey, all,

It's been a long time since I've rocked and rolled, AND since I've played with the Halo Legendz! 

"Welcome back, geophf!"

Why, thank you, it's good to be back, ... now: let's play.

Next week: Friday, November 2, 2012, 7 pm EST, is the final game night of the Halo Legendz for Halo: Reach, because, well, next week, we MAY be playing something a little bit different, but it MAY BE MORE than a little bit Halo. Jus' sayin'

Next week: Saturday, November 3, 2012, 7 pm EST, is the final game night of the Halo Legendz for Halo 3.

Play on, and good games, my dear friends!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Schedule of Events

Fridays: Branches meetings 8 pm EST, Custom games, 8:30 pm EST
Satudays: Multiplayer Frenzy: 8 pm EST

Other events: Talk with your branch or clan leader and go for it!

Branch memberships

WIP here.

Branch name and colors: Forerunner, Black

Branch leader: COVEN4NT KILLER

Branch members:

Branch name and colors: Reclaimer, Blue

Branch leader: I FINAL ZERO I

Branch co-leader: graemesennet

Branch members:

Branch name: Crimson, Red

Branch leader: a simple nobody

Branch members:

please add a comment of your gamertag and your branch name


Here is the biographies of the members of Halo Legendz:

I Final Zero I

Founder. Branch Leader. Forger.

Favorite game type: Rumble pit
Hated game type: Arena, Living Dead, Snipes

Favorite quote: "Hey, buddy!" as he shoots you with "Dick Cheney"
Favorite other quote: "Please steal my kills, geophf, I love assists." (he also likes saying that to graemesennet)

Favorite weapons combo: Sniper and shottie


Clan leader.

Favorite game type: multiteam, invasion (and skirmish is fine), arena
Hated game type: custom, snipes

Favorite quote: "Yeup, I suck."
Favorite other quote: "You did awsm that last game!"

Favorite weapons combo: rocket launcher and needler rifle


Branch co-leader. Forger. Scottish.

Favorite game type: Swat
Hated game type: Living Dead

Favorite quote: "They're always after my frosted lucky charms!"
Favorite other quote: "Baung" (how do you spell 'bang' in Scottish?)

Favorite weapons combo: Combo? What combo? We no need no steenkin' combo! (D.M.R. ... think SWAT: "Baung!")


Play with me for a while and submit your bio here, and I'll add it.