Saturday, October 22, 2011

Schedule of Events

Fridays: Branches meetings 8 pm EST, Custom games, 8:30 pm EST
Satudays: Multiplayer Frenzy: 8 pm EST

Other events: Talk with your branch or clan leader and go for it!

Branch memberships

WIP here.

Branch name and colors: Forerunner, Black

Branch leader: COVEN4NT KILLER

Branch members:

Branch name and colors: Reclaimer, Blue

Branch leader: I FINAL ZERO I

Branch co-leader: graemesennet

Branch members:

Branch name: Crimson, Red

Branch leader: a simple nobody

Branch members:

please add a comment of your gamertag and your branch name


Here is the biographies of the members of Halo Legendz:

I Final Zero I

Founder. Branch Leader. Forger.

Favorite game type: Rumble pit
Hated game type: Arena, Living Dead, Snipes

Favorite quote: "Hey, buddy!" as he shoots you with "Dick Cheney"
Favorite other quote: "Please steal my kills, geophf, I love assists." (he also likes saying that to graemesennet)

Favorite weapons combo: Sniper and shottie


Clan leader.

Favorite game type: multiteam, invasion (and skirmish is fine), arena
Hated game type: custom, snipes

Favorite quote: "Yeup, I suck."
Favorite other quote: "You did awsm that last game!"

Favorite weapons combo: rocket launcher and needler rifle


Branch co-leader. Forger. Scottish.

Favorite game type: Swat
Hated game type: Living Dead

Favorite quote: "They're always after my frosted lucky charms!"
Favorite other quote: "Baung" (how do you spell 'bang' in Scottish?)

Favorite weapons combo: Combo? What combo? We no need no steenkin' combo! (D.M.R. ... think SWAT: "Baung!")


Play with me for a while and submit your bio here, and I'll add it.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Declaration of Incorporation (Our Purpose)

"Play to win; play nice; play fair; and have fun"

Halo Legendz is a gaming community where members can have fun, playing together in a safe, respectful environment.We exist to play together and to have fun. We play Halo. We play respectfully, of our teammates and of our opponents, and we play to win.Our Ten Commandments:
  • I. Thou shalt not quit on nor betray-kill your teammates
  • II. Thou shalt not teabag.
  • III. Thou shalt not trashtalk
  • IV. Thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother.
  • V. Thou shalt not discourage other players' skills, and thou shall not boost.
  • VI. Thou shalt not discriminate based on race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion nor sexual preference.
  • VII. Thou shalt stay in uniform.
  • VIII. Thou shalt represent the Halo Legendz gaming community well.
  • IX. Thou shalt report any infractions to your branch or clan leader.
  • X. Thou shalt have fun.
Explanation of the Ten Commandments of Halo Legendz:
  • I. Don't quit on your team. Even if you're losing. Even if you have a negative K-D. Even if you're playing a sucky game. You went into the game, and no matter how well or how poorly you are doing, you are helping your team. Your team can count on you because you're there, playing the game as designed, and playing the game to the end, and your teammates are doing the same for you. Team members that can depend and rely on each other play better. On the other hand, if you're shooting a teammate in the back, they can't depend on you anymore, and they're always looking over their shoulder because you were 'just kidding.' Their gaming experience becomes poor, and yours suffers as well due to the animosity. We don't tolerate quitters, betrayers, nor griefers.

  • II. Okay, this has no place in our community. You kill an opponent, great. You're happy, great. That's it. You kill your opponent, they kill you. Teabagging an enemy who has no recourse? That leads to revenge-killing and less fun for everybody. They teabag you? Tough. Or: make a game of it: "Okay, new game everybody: team shoot xXteabagger123Xx." They'll get the message when all they do is spawn-die.

  • III. "Hey, we're so gonna own you guys 'cause you suck!" And then you get steaktaculared?" Put your money were your mouth is, and against new opponents, you have no idea if that new private is actually MLG Pro or not. Or, worst: You DO beat the crap out of the other team. So your insults to them before and after the game is supposed to make them feel how? Your worth does not depend on making somebody else feel worse.

  • IV. "Johnny, put the controller down and come to supper now!" Go to supper. You've played enough for now. A happy mom and dad means they'll be more willing to let you play some other time. "Johnny, take out the trash." Take out the trash now. Not after the next game. Now. You are showing responsibility by obeying your parents right away, and responsible people get privileges, like being able to play. Sullen people ... not so much.

  • V. Your stats are your stats. They are great? Great. They suck? So what! Mine suck, too, and you can improve those. This is a community where we play together and have fun playing with our team members. Play your best, your stats will improve. They aren't? Then ask somebody who has stats you like how to get better. And, if you have the better stats, it's not your place in this community to belittle your teammates NOR to offer free advice. They want help, they'll ask. On that note, your stats are just stats, they show that you are an awesome person? Maybe. So you don't need to boost to get firefight or campaign or multiplayer kills. Doesn't impress me, nor most anybody you know. What impresses me? Comms during the game, teamwork, effort. I like playing with people who play awesomely, yes, 'cause I can learn from them. And I like playing WITH people who can play with a team, because we win more and have more fun.

  • VI. Halo Legends does not discriminate based on race, color, ethnicity, gender, national origin, religion nor sexual orientation. Discrimination in any of these categories is a violation of XBox's terms of use and will eventually get you banned. Look: I don't care if your black or white or any color in between. I don't care if your man, woman, gay, straight, bi, trans, whatever. We're in this community because we like each other, play together and have fun. Now, YOU may be very proud of your origins or choices or national heritage, and I honor you, your accomplishments and origins and choices. AND I ask you, as a member of the community to honor your teammates', too. Halo Legendz is a community where you can be yourself and play without fear of harassment or oppression. It is ALSO not a plank NOR is it a bully pulpit. We honor who you are, but we do not advertise nor promote any view or preference, and I'll ask, as a member of the community, you honor that, too. We do not need to cause sectarian divisions in our branches nor community, as there is too much of that on XBox Live already. Our community is a place where a member can come, play, and feel safe being who they are.

  • VII. Halo Legendz has a uniform: an emblem of the buzz-saw background and a black number. Wear it at all times. Your branch has a color: wear it at all times. Whether you are playing in a community event or not, you are representing, and your friends know you are in 'that clan' or something, so wear your uniform.

  • VIII. And, wearing your uniform: represent. You play fair and well, people will want to know why and want to join, and you'll be bringing in more members (which is a serious kick. Those of you who have recruited new members know this), and we'll have more people to play with in our community. Wear your uniform and represent.

  • IX. You see something going on, talk with the person. Be cool. Just point out that our community is this way. They keep breaking the rules? Save the game and report it to your branch leader. If you don't save the game, we have nothing to say to anybody other than hearsay. So, then: you report it. Let it go, forgive, and move on. You are not the arbiter of justice. People make mistakes or have bad days or are jerks. Our community has no place for jerks, and we'll weed them out eventually when there is enough corroborative information. Putting the shoe on the other foot, you don't want to be kicked because somebody with a beef brings it up one time on an honest melee betray-kill or yoink mistake. Apologize right away, and move on ... and don't do it again. Now branch leaders or clan leader: you're not the mommy or daddy, nor are you a staff sergeant in the U.S. Army berating a private. Point out the rules, say what they did, tell them not to do it again, and move on. They keep doing their own thing, well, then, they can do that on their own, but there's no need to get worked up on how somebody's supposed to behave. People are people: in our community we play fair and have fun, if somebody wants to do something else? No biggie: they can do it elsewhere.

  • X. Obvious one, right? "Have fun." But this is your responsibility, too: if you aren't having fun in the community, you can do something about this. Friend other member, invite them to games, mention to your branch leader you want to do your maps on a custom game night, or whatever, or you want to play firefight with somebody, or finish the campaign on legendary. Great. It's not going to happen if you stay mum and stew about it. We, as other members in the community, want to play, and with you, too, so send the invite and participate in community activities. And, if there's not a community activity you like, well, participate anyway, as you'll find other community members who have interests like yours and you and they will start new events in that vein.

Halo Legendz: this is your community, so "Play to win; play nice; play fair; and have fun"