Saturday, October 22, 2011


Here is the biographies of the members of Halo Legendz:

I Final Zero I

Founder. Branch Leader. Forger.

Favorite game type: Rumble pit
Hated game type: Arena, Living Dead, Snipes

Favorite quote: "Hey, buddy!" as he shoots you with "Dick Cheney"
Favorite other quote: "Please steal my kills, geophf, I love assists." (he also likes saying that to graemesennet)

Favorite weapons combo: Sniper and shottie


Clan leader.

Favorite game type: multiteam, invasion (and skirmish is fine), arena
Hated game type: custom, snipes

Favorite quote: "Yeup, I suck."
Favorite other quote: "You did awsm that last game!"

Favorite weapons combo: rocket launcher and needler rifle


Branch co-leader. Forger. Scottish.

Favorite game type: Swat
Hated game type: Living Dead

Favorite quote: "They're always after my frosted lucky charms!"
Favorite other quote: "Baung" (how do you spell 'bang' in Scottish?)

Favorite weapons combo: Combo? What combo? We no need no steenkin' combo! (D.M.R. ... think SWAT: "Baung!")


Play with me for a while and submit your bio here, and I'll add it.

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