Monday, September 1, 2014

Halo: ODST — Prepare to Drop

Hi, all.

I decided to replay through the ODST campaign, so I could reacquaint myself with the controller scheme (... no sprint? and, oh: that's not zoom, that's throw grenade. Oh, well, so much for my stealthy surprise attack).

And I was well-rewarded in that I found out what a sweet game ODST was and is, even if it was just an 'add-on' to Halo 3. It wasn't but ...


Play the game. I'm playing it now and having a blast. Here's my blow-by-blow:

3h ago:

  • ... I ... think ... I lost my game-save on #ODST. Which means I have to start the campaign over. #OHYEAH 

2h ago:

  • I've forgotten how ... fun, and compelling and ... beautiful #ODST campaign is. *sigh* Prepare to Drop done.
  • Me: NONONO! Hunter: RAWR! (lunges) Me: *smoosh* Oh, well. I guess today was a good day to die. #ODST Tayari plaza done.

1h ago:

  • Okay, NOW I get why others don't like #ODST: it requires still, stealth and patience. None which our HaloNation fanbois have. Got it.
  • Me, OTOH, I'm having a BLAST in #ODST wandering the Mombasa streets, killin' covies, ninja-style, 'cause that's how I rollz, ya!
23m ago:
  • Uplift reserve #ODST: "LORD, I didn't train to be a pilot. Tell me I don't have any more flying today." *BOOM* goes a fighter near him. Dutch: "Is that a yes or a no, LORD?" *BOOM* goes his warthog. Dutch, ruefully: "Amen." Why can't other games' writing be as good as #ODST?
19m ago:
  • After each chapter of #ODST, I take a break and do something else. Like now, I'm washing and putting away the dishes. #daddygamer
  • #ODST And the pacing of the game is well-nigh perfect: 1 chapter on the Mombasa streets at night; 1 chapter, boots on the ground in combat.
Taking a bit longer break to write about the Scuf One controller and maybe about girl-gamers, but ... ooh! ODST Firefight? drools.

geophf, signing out.

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